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What are they saying about...
What are they saying about...

While the unverified story that 2,000 people were killed the Boko Haram attack in the Nigerian city of Baga continues to fly around the Internet—landing today at The Root—there is finally, a more reliable figure courtesy of Alexis Okeowo of the New Yorker. And it isn't 2,000.


"Today I spoke to Hamza Idris, a friend and senior reporter with the Nigerian newspaper Daily Trust, who has been covering the Baga massacre for the past week from the Borno State capital of Maiduguri. He had spoken with Baga residents and a district head who said that they had seen hundreds, but not as many as a thousand, bodies: people who were breathing and eating one moment and dead the next, from a grenade or bullet. "

While the death toll is horrific, there's a difference between 2,000 and "hundreds."

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